About Us


Back in '99, Jack and Sandy left  the big city and settled down along the Butterfield Overland Stage route  in Whitesboro, Texas. Jack didn't take much to farmin' or raisin'  cattle and soon began to foller Sandy everywhere she went, slammin'  doors n' drawers and tellin' her how to cook proper.

 Sandy didn't take too kindly to  this, and after sayin "git" a thousand times, went out in '01 and bought  a nice yeller lookin' propitty in the middle of downtown Whitesboro.  Named it Yellow Front Antiques. She started dudin' the palce up, while  Jack started gettin' antiques. We'd bin gettin' personal antiques for  over 35 years.

 We'd bin eyein' the shop across  the street fer a spell, and when it came up fer sale, we bought it in  '07. It had been a roller skatin' rink in the Roarin' 20s. the high  school kids used to bag their lunch, come down and skate, then run like  the dickens to git back to school. J.C. Penney had a store for a spell,  and it was a local owned department store in the '40s and '50s. Then it  was a Pool Hall for a coupla years. You kin still see the burns on the  floor where the cowboy's cigarettes rolled off the tables. Up til we got  it, it was a flower shop for over 40 years.

 Wal now, it took us nigh on to 15  months to fix that old building up. Jack, Sandy, Troy (our son), Jim  (Jack's brother), and Jeff (our nephew and godson) did most of the work.  Had to gut the whole thing, and start from scratch. Took down a  suspended ceiling to work on the original tin ceiling, put in new  furnaces, air conditioners, walls, lights, painted it up real nice. Even  took out part of the top floor. Redid the roof and floors too, by gum.

 Now the place is bright and  shiny, not like so many of those dingy antique places. We take kindly to  the many customers who frequent the shop, and stop by to partake in  many of the bargains, spin a yarn, or ask fer advice on antiques. As  Sandy says "We welcome all who enter here! We love to hear your stories  and thank you for hearing ours. Everyday is a gift."

 We're situated on the Texas side  of Lake Texoma, close to the Hagermann National Wildlife Refuge, where  outdoor recreation is the name of the game. If you're in the area, feel  free to come by and see us, or give us a call. We're open Tuesday thru  Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and are usually there on Monday.  Occasionally, we skip out fer vittles.